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What Is Post-Secondary Consulting? 
  • Assistance for students & parents in the exploration of college options or other post-secondary paths

  • Focus on college majors & careers or vocational training & apprenticeships

  • Investigation on the student and family's behalf into the best college or trade school fit

  • Planning of high school curriculum

  • Application process assistance

  • Guidance with scholarships & financial aid

  • Making an INFORMED decision for your family

Customized Learning 

My job is to lighten the load and focus on what is best for your student. I am able to do this through a variety of packages and add-ons to meet your family's needs. There is no one size fits all approach. I offer four base packages to start the process with add-ons available. Browse the packages on the next page. I can start as early as the 8th grade! 

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Planning for High School & Beyond

While some students (and parents) feel prepared to take on life after high school, many are overwhelmed by the whole process. Some families may need a brief meeting to understand their options and needs, and others may want someone to guide them through the journey of high school and post-secondary options. With a staggering amount of options after high school, I can help find one that will be the best fit for your student! 

Help Outside of School

I am here to help! Working outside the confines of the school, I am able to provide additional services to families looking for more than the basic college presentation. That being said, I  a huge fan of schools, their staff, and especially all of the hard work that guidance counselors do. I would never suggest skipping a meeting with your student's counselor, or that you should avoid valuable open house-style meetings. However, education, like most things in life, isn't successful with a "one size fits all" approach. You may have more questions, and even questions you never knew you should be asking! This is where I come in. People use trainers for physical advancement; consider this training for life advancement. 

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Consultant

  1. PERSONALIZED ATTENTION - one-on-one coaching for your student & family

  2. ALLEVIATE STRESS - research done for you & organized in an easy-to-follow manner

  3. COMPETITIVE EDGE - ahead of the curve when it comes to preparedness 

  4. ELIMINATE THE CONFUSION - no second-guessing your choices 

  5. SAVE YOU $$$ - minimal expense compared to overlooked financial obligations

In The News
"Do I Need A College Consultant"

As the importance of a college education has increased, college admissions have become incredibly competitive. Many of the most desirable schools boast an acceptance rate below 10 percent. In this cutthroat world of college admissions, college consulting can help students successfully navigate the world of deadlines, requirements and unwritten rules that lies between them and the schools of their dreams. 

-Best Value Schools, 2019

"ACT Has Just Unveiled New Testing Options"

ACT announced today that it was introducing three new options for students taking its test used in college admissions. The changes would first go into effect for students taking the test in September, 2020.

The new options come at a time when the college admissions testing giants - ACT and SAT - are intensifying their competition for market share as new questions are raised about the fairness and validity of the tests. And they are no doubt at least partially a response to the increasing number of colleges and universities adopting test-optional admission policies.


-Forbes, October 2019

"How Competitive is College Admissions"

"Some colleges and universities are more selective than others, and it's the well-known National Universities – public or private – that have become more competitive with admissions in recent years. 'The pressure is most acute at these top universities,' says Vinay Bhaskara, co-founder of Massachusetts-based CollegeVine. 'Having a college degree in America has gone from a nice-to-have to something you need to have for even a lower-middle-class life in American society today.'"


-US News, September 2016


 I'm a student at Southview Middle School in Ankeny. During my 9th grade year, I was overwhelmed and confused about what to do. She helped to put things into perspective.



— Sydney, student from Ankeny, IA

As a parent who did not attend college, I was lost on what to do for my twin daughters. They are juniors at Southeast Polk High School. While the school was and is a great resource, I needed someone to come to my home, sit down, and explain things to me. After meeting with Kristen, I had a plan. My girls are now moving in a successful direction that I understand and support!



—Desirae, parent from Runnells, IA


Even after I had Mrs. Geist as a teacher, I kept going back to her for help in high school. I always knew she would help me to revise and edit my papers, and I learned so much from her during that time. I can't wait to have her help when I am applying for scholarhsips!

— Sharice, student from Ankeny, IA


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