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Agreement of Consultant Services

Contract for Educational Consulting Services - Success Prep Iowa


Consultant’s duties and responsibilities depending upon services selected may include:

  1. Completion of an in-depth student profile to recommend appropriate schools

    1. Including career interests and learning styles​

  2. Evaluation of student’s academic records 

  3. Discussion of type of post-secondary institution options 

  4. Consulting of schools, educational professionals, etc. when necessary and appropriate

  5. Research and develop a realistic list of schools to meet the student’s needs

  6. Guidance, oversight, and review of application materials

    1. Including deadlines

    2. Review of essays when applicable

  7. Preparation for school interviews if applicable

  8. Assistance on making final school choice

  9. Ongoing consultation during the school year if applicable

  10. Test preparation of applicable

  11. Continuing professional research to adhere to application guidelines


Consultant’s duties do not include:

  1. Guaranteed placement admissions to a particular school

  2. Imposing undue influence on school admissions offices and related operations for acceptance

  3. Physical writing of the application or writing essays for admissions or scholarships

  4. Guarantee of a certain score on any college admissions test

  5. Guarantee of satisfaction with programs of a particular school

  6. Guarantee of financial aid or scholarship

  7. For high school planning - a guarantee of classes offered by the high school 


Client’s responsibilities include:

  1. Remaining in close communication with consultant in order to facilitate placement and monitor the status of applications

  2. Notification of intent to accept or decline offers of admissions to any school or program

  3. Meeting of deadlines and requirements as outlined in the application process

  4. Scheduling of college visits and interviews

  5. Completion of applications, essays, portfolios, etc.and timely submission

  6. Completion and submission of financial aid

  7. Securing and sharing of school records with consultant

  8. Conducting the admissions process in an ethical and conscientious manner

  9. Notice of any educational supports the student is currently using (IEPs, 504s, etc.)


  • 48 hours notice required for cancellation of appointment with the consultant

  • An excessive amount of missed session will result in the termination of the agreement without a refund

  • Payment is due at the beginning of services

  • Payment for additional services added on is due at the time the service is agreed upon

The parties agree that recommendations and support are provided on a best-efforts basis, as a result of the consultant’s professional evaluations of the student’s needs, interests, and abilities, and are based on the accuracy of information submitted by the student and materials made available to the consultant. The consultant shall neither solicit nor accept compensation from any institutions for the placement of the client. 


I have read and understood the conditions stated above for educational consulting services and agree to pay:

Fee of:                                                                                                               For the Package/Service of:                                                                            


Accepted By  Client:                                                                                                               Consultant:                                                                                 

Printed Name of Client:                                                                 Date:                                                                      

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